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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 29, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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we are going to have to get eight bigger truck. that's what the government is trying to do. borrow the way out of debt. it is impossible . it never worked in the history of the world . dr. art's curve works every single time. >> we are up against the end of the show. we have kelly wright and healther childers. play us out in the new year or satted afternoon with your song all of the gold in california . thank you for watching and here is it larry gatlin. >> never was appropriate. ♪ all the gold in california. ♪ is in a bank in the middle of beverly hills in somebody else's name. >> a fox news alert.
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senate leaders now holding crucial fiscal cliff talks on capitol hill rushing to come up with a last ditch agreement to avoid deep spending cuts and year end tax hikes affecting the lives of every american, i'm kelly wright. >> i'm heather childers in for jamie colby. the 11th he hour scramble after a crucial meeting on friday, between president obama and the leaders of the house and senate and urged lawmakers to urge them to do whatever it takes to cut a deal. >> i'm modestly optimistic that an agreement can be achieved. nobody is going to get 100% of what they want, but let's make sure that middle class families and the american economy and the world economy aren't adversely impacted because people can't do their jobs. >> chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington with the latest, mike.
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>> heather discussions are underway and i'm told we should not expect any news or announcements before senators are briefed tomorrow afternoon. after a meeting with the president late friday, the senate majority leader sounded cautiously optimistic. >> we have one meeting in the white house that was very constructive and we hope it will bear fruit and that's what we hope to learn. i think that the next 24 hours will be very instructive as to what we're able to accomplish. >> reporter: sources say house speaker john boehner deferred to senate colleagues and told him house leaders were consider, accept or amend their plan, what's not expected to be included is increasing the debt limit, something that democrats wanted and republicans have resisted. if senate leaders cannot strike a deal, the president wants congress to vote on what would be plan c. it would focus on three key areas, keeping tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less. extending unemployment benefits and delay dramatic
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spending cuts until late next year. top senate republicans sound hopeful a deal can be reached. >> we are engaged in discussions, majority leader and myself, and the white house in the hopes that we can come forward as early as sunday and have a recommendation that i can make to my conference and the majority leader can make to his conference. >> among the issues to be hammered out shall the threshold for extending the push tax cuts and president obama campaigned and sounds like, 400,000 may be where they're heading. a leader says that permanency is key, and fixing the death tax and a permanent solution for the alternative minimum tax which threatens 28 million americans every year, would also help win republican support, heather. >> mike emanuel reporting from washington with the latest,
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thank you, mike. >> kelly: heather and mike, thank you very much. and president obama trying to light a fire under congressional lawmakers, urging them to come up with a deal after friday's bipartisan white house summit. >> we're now at the last minute. and the the american people are not going to have any patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> kelly: so the question becomes, why can't washington seem to work this out? why has it taken so long when they knew they had this fiscal cliff coming to them? joining me now for a fair and balanced debate on the topic, angela mcglowan is with us, and mark hanna, a strategist and former aide to the john kerry and barack obama campaigns. thank you for joining us, look, here we are right now on friday, we heard the president following his meeting with congressional leaders at the white house. president obama told reporters that he was modestly optimistic that a deal could be reached. he's counting on the sen if we l
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cliff because john boehner, the speaker of the house of
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representatives wasn't able to get the republicans to get the republicans to support a plan b. >> here is the rub, may i go? here is the rub. >> please. >> boehner knows how to negotiate and took on bowles plan, simpson bowles, he took on part of their plan, his first proposal. his second proposal was nancy pelosi's proposal she offered in may of this year of doing tax cuts on people of one million dollars and above, that are one million and above. >> and now plan c now. >> now, now proposal-- >> for the republicans to get-- >> no, he was not and that's his failure dealing with his party, but as for negotiating, boehner has put forth many things. it's president obama that needs to take a page out of the play book of clinton to be able to move more to the middle. >> kelly: okay. and core of both of your arguments, here is what we're seeing on capitol hill as well, members of both sides of the aisle can't agree to disagree on things, there's no common ground. here is the way that people's
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business is being conducted so far as we've seen from mike emanuel's report. democrat leaders are hammering out deal they can pass and hopefully angela and mark, he see it get passed in the house before the automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts actually go into effect on january 1st, 20113, which is now some 48 hours away. do they have enough time to get it done? >> yes. >> i certainly hope so, i mean, look, we shouldn't be debating this right now. the house of representatives should. unfortunately, they're still taking vacation while the senate and the house and the white house are working. >> they argue back to-- >> they'll be back tomorrow. >> they have 24 hours and they'll be able to-- look, i'm a democrat and wishing the best for senate republican leader mitch mcconnell where he's able to succeed where congressman boehner was not, able to unify the republican party so they can take a vote so the senate and white house negotiate and. >> kelly. >> and to the point and avoid the fiscal cliff.
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>> kelly: but to mark's point, angela, senator mitch mcconnell is known for having good brinksmanship and getting it deal done. >> we're on the brink. >> that's what i said earlier in the interview, we're going to get a deal done, it's going to be because of mitch mcconnell and boehner working with the democrats that we don't go over the fiscal cliff, however, republicans are going to have to acquiesce, we will have some tax hikes, i think probably 750,000 and above i think that's the number, but what republicans are holding back the debt ceiling debate and cutti cutti cutting entitlement programs and they're going to use that later in the year. >> kelly: mark, the final word. >> if angela's prediction sort of come through-- and i hope it does, the republicans and senate negotiate, and republicans and congress will be responsible for the largest tax increst on all americans in modern
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american history and that would be unfortunate and soon talk about obama tax cuts when we talk about the middle class america. >> kelly: and the 113th congress coming into office in january. and angela and mark, thank you for sharing insights on this tough, tough situation for us. thank you. >> thank you, kelly. >> kelly: thank you. >> to a fox news alert. new details on the deadly plane crash out of russia. police now say that four crew members are dead, and four others have been injured after an airliner landing into one of moscow's international airports, overshot the runway and crashed into a nearby highway. take a look what happened. officials say the the plane, which has the capacity of carrying up to 210 passengers was empty, as it was on its way home from the czech republic. the cause of the crash is unknown, but officials are looking into whether a powerful snowstorm into the area may be to blame, we will keep you posted. >> hundreds of firefighters from across the united states
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and canada heading to webster, new york, for a second day, for the wake and funeral services of these two fallen heroes you're looking at. the two volunteer firefighters were killed in a christmas eve ambush when they responded to a house fire and gunned down by 62-year-old william spa spankler and police arrested a woman for purchasing the gun. and they're making sure that the visiting firefighters have a place to say. hampton inn in webster expecting between 100 and 150 of the firefighters and thanks tonations lot will stay free of charge. local fire departments are offering lodging for out of town firefighters. >> some new information on the deadly subway push in new york city. police now say that they have a woman in custody who they say made a statement implicating herself in the murder.
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this is surveillance video showing what appears to be the suspect right there, running from the platform, the sketch that you just saw earlier was what she may look like. a medium built woman believed to be in her 20's and witnesses claim she got up from a bench, suddenly pushed the man flying onto the tracks as the train approached the victim was a 46-year-old man from india and he lived in new york city. and this is the second fatal subway push this month. a $12,000 reward is offered for information about this horrific crime. >> kelly: fox extreme weather alert right now. concerns that the northeast faces another powerful snowstorm in less than a week. up to 20 in inches in some spots and now folks are bracing to spend another holiday weekend cleaning up after mother nature. maria molina is live with more details and i look out the
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window right now and i can see people walking around with umbrellas, trying to stay free from the snow. >> yeah, that's right. that snow already coming down right here in new york city and you can see the snowflakes, it's actually a pretty sight when you walk around on the sidewalks and streets and stuff, but we will be accumulating here in new york city and unfortunately we're not having too much cleaning up in our cities, seeing between two to three inches of snow if we get there. but the areas further off toward the north and the east across new england will be dealing with more snow and could be a headache. and first i want to take you to the southeast, southern ends of the storms, dealing with heavy areas of rain across parts of north carolina, south carolina and down into florida and since dried up and pushed off shore and good news as we're looking at drier conditions out there. widespread snow across parts of the state of west virginia into pennsylvania and upstate new york, parts of upstate new york on thursday hit with as much as 20 inches of snow and now we're looking at a couple more inches in the forecast.
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and as far as the bigger i-95 cities in philadelphia, one to two inches and rain will mix with them. in rhode island and massachusetts including in boston. four to eight inches of snow forecast there and wouldn't be surprised if some spots saw more storms, otherwise take a look at interior portions of the northeast, not too bad. three to six inches of snow, i think they can handle it. >> kelly: well, it turned into rain outside, if it snows heavily heather and i will get out there and. >> build a snowman. >> have a snowball fight. i want to build a snowman, too, heather. >> we'll take pictures and tweet them. >> kelly: thanks, maria. >> bye. >> new information on president george h.w. bush hospitalized. family members saying he's improving and recovering in an intensive care unit. the 84-year-old treated for a
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bronchitis condition. sounds like good news, mike? >> reporter: it does, and the degree to which no news is good news and that's because the staff around president bush made a point of not pep erring us with updates unless this is' kind of a significant change and the latest update we got from them is that his condition continues to improve. now, the former president has been in intensive care for almost a week now admitted last sunday and the problem is a stubborn fever he can't seem to shake. brought on by a nasty case of bronchitis that put the former president in the hospital the end of november. now, the staff around him has made a real effort to kemp the releases about his condition light and optimistic and they give us information like the fact that he's laughing and joking with hospital staff. if you've ever been around this former president, a funny guy and the fact that he's laughing with the staff is true to form. they updated us, with the fact that he's been singing with
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the hospital staff and the sober reality he's 88 years old and pretty sick. it's a very serious situation and trying to keep an eye on it and a positive outlook and the latest we have, is that his condition continues to improve. back to you. >> regardless, it's good news and we'll take it. >> thank you very much, mike. >> you've got it. >> remember, the president said put the harps back in the closet. >> kelly: he's not done yet, he's okay. and new controversial immigration gun law coming up. can the mexican government have a say how the u.s. deals with illegal immigration? we'll talk to arizona attorney general tom thorn, he weighs in on the ongoing legal battle. >> jamie: plus, a defiant act against president obama's health care law. an update on the u.s. company facing millions of dollars in fines for refusing to comply. >> kelly: and taking a stand in the wake of the tragic school shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary. what some teachers are doing
10:17 am
to make their classrooms safer. >> i think that a lot of people have a fear of guns and of what they can do, but i think also that maybe they're not quite educated, that sometimes the only thing we'll talk about is a good guy with a gun.
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>> and welcome back, everyone, we're following a major challenge to the president's health care law, the arts and crafts chain hobby lobby now saying it will not pro he vied workers with health plans that cover the morning after pill. even though the new health care law requires it. this, after the supreme court refused the christian-owned company's request for an exemption this week. the decision could cost the
10:21 am
company well over a million dollars a day in fines. but hobby lobby believes the morning-after pill is essentially an abortion and objects on moral grounds. >> with the fiscal cliff deadline just two days away if you're counting, there are knowing concerns over how the u.s. markets will react if lawmakers fail to reach a deal. and we've already seen the markets take several hits during the course this have discussion. even the dow jones ended one of the last trading days of the year on friday at just under 1300 points, a one month low, so, what can we expect for the the new year, a managing partner of car guile investments at wnb. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> so despite its name, a lot of strategists say that the fiscal cliff will not hit the economy right away and that could give lawmakers some time to continue negotiating, perhaps, but it's unclear how
10:22 am
long the market will tolerate that uncertainty. so, what if no deal is reached and no action is taken? >> well, heather, i actually believe that might be the best outcome of all. when we look at it, there's not really a cliff. what happens on wednesday morning, the first day of the year, we'll roll out of bed and put the gasoline in our car and go to work. so there's not going to be a big change immediately. there will be an increase in taxes, something that's already been agreed to. you know, 12 years ago they agreed to the bush tax cuts would have a sunset provisions and the cuts to spending that will occur were agreed to two years ago with the debt ceiling agreement. so they already have a compromise agreement, they're just trying to change that compromise. >> and speaking of change, what if a partial deal is reached, which is what we're talking about right now, through possibly that plan c? >> yeah, i think the markets would like that. the markets are going to continue to trade on the news and you might see the market
10:23 am
continue to trend downward, but at 13,000, that's still a good price for the year, we're up about 6% and that's actually where we thought we would be at the end of this year, so, i think we're in good shape. the economy is ready to grow next year. china has bottomed, europe has stabilized so there are some things in place that can help offset these additional taxes and cuts to government spending. >> now, you mentioned two years ago shall the spending cuts, the fiscal cliff, it was designed to force washington to deal with the nation's long-term debt problem. and instead, here we are, a final hour, who knows what will happen next and i want to specifically ask you about the lack of progress on those structural issues like entitlement spending because even the plan c isn't touching that. so that means regardless of what happens before january 1st, investors will then be dealing with a certain degree of political risk long-term after the fiscal cliff deadline has passed. so, how will that affect the
10:24 am
market on the economy in terms of spending cuts? >> well, my fear is that the compromise will be that we get the tax increases and they postpone the spending cuts and that's the ultimate objective. >> yes he. >> and you know, that is something that the economy will recover from and something will adjust to. remember, about half of the increased taxes on the average individual come from simply the roll off of that fica tax break we received the last two years, so, you know, the tax increases inasmuch as you think, but we push these things to crisis because the politicians, the lobbyists every chance to donate to their campaign and that's why everything is a crisis. three out of the last four years we've gone into the new year not knowing what the tax rates are, and i will be particularly disappointed if we get a 12-month patch and get to do it again the end of this year. >> well, you know, we have the spending cuts, we have the tax increases and we also have this debt selling, hit the
10:25 am
16.4 trillion dollar federal debt limit monday, december 31st according to the treasury department, extraordinary measure has to take place, to continue borrowing, how will the markets react to that? >> well, you know, that's another thing that i believe we just want to start getting some fatigue from this news and it being the news event of the day. news events have no long-term impact on stock prices. while they may go down in the short-term, i would use that as a buying opportunity to get your money employed in risk-based assets and i think that's the place to be for this year and next year and you know, if we get that opportunity, be ready and be aggressive in your buying. >> you're right. it seems like every time we reach this crisis point with all of this, so, all right, thank you very much. we appreciate your insight, mickey, thanks. >> any pleasure, thank you, heather. >> kelly: after a high profile three-week absence from the the national stage, secretary
10:26 am
of state hillary clinton is ready to step back up. former ambassador john bolton joins us, what do we need to hear from here? >> and just released papers from margaret thatcher revealing a new side to ronald reagan. and a new scandal involving the queen of england. we've got the details. >> kelly: the growing controversy in the wake of the newtown school massacre. we'll take a look at both sides of the debate again. >> and carrying guns and-- unload it-- questions? >> p each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. till you finish your vegetables.
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>> welcome back, new reports just in about a hostage situation developing in phoenix, arizona, we're getting word that an employee was held hostage at a bank of america and had a device placed around his neck, which the bomb squad since removed. we're now hearing that it was not an explosive. the fbi and state police are on the scene and search is underway for the suspect. we're keeping a close eye on this and we will bring you any updates as they happen. >>. >> kelly: new developments concerning secretary of state hillary clinton set to return to work next week after a three week absence due to some mack virus and related
10:31 am
concussion and mrs. clinton agreed to testify on capitol hill next month on the benghazi terror attack on our u.s. consulate there. joining me now, former u.n. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton and a fox news contributor. good to have you with us this afternoon. secretary clinton is still recovering from her illness and of course will prevent her from travelling abroad, but it will allow her to testify next month in an open congressional hearing on the september 11th attack on benghazi. what do you think her testimony will reveal about the events leading up to the attack, during and afterwards? >> of course, it depends on how well the hearings are prepared by members of congress, they need to give up their opening statements, they need to ask questions, not make their own statements. they need to coordinate to divide up responsibility because this is, this is an opportunity that's only going to come once and if they're making their own statements or duplicating their questions we're going to find out a lot
10:32 am
less. i think the areas of inquiry fall into three categories, number one, what did the secretary know before the september 11th attacks about requests for enhanced security. you know, the general drift of the secretary's defense has been, you know, the state department is a big place, a lot of diplomatic and consoler posts. and what did she know before september 11th. second, on september 11th itself. we need a minute by minute from the time she learned of the attack, what she did, who did she talk to, who did she ask assistance from, what she denied and what she said to the president, minute by minute. and who was it that came up with the story that the entire affair was the result of a demonstration that got out of control. >> kelly: i see your point. three salient points right there that actually members of
10:33 am
congress need to get to and i also like the point they shouldn't be in the there pontificating, but get to the point. and the ambassador, senator john kerry to be the next secretary of state and as you know, some republicans vowed to block confirming confirmation until clinton testifies. and now that she's pledged to speak to the foreign relations committee, do you expect kerry's nomination or confirmation to go through? >> i think that the senator has a clear to have an early hearing and among those who testify was bob corker, tennessee, the ranking republican on the committee come the first of january, so, as a soon to be secretary kerry would have a lot of reason to get off on a good foot with senator corker. so, i think that's very positive. i think that the secretary's
10:34 am
now fully recovered, she can testify in the the days after january the 1st or certainly, very shortly after that, you could schedule senator kerry's confirmation hearing the next day. >> kelly: and ambassador, it seems like when we back on benghazi, everything was wrong and ended wrong in the attack on four americans. there was a lack of leadership and management in the state department. thee officials were disciplined, as you know, and bureau chief eric bozwell even reportedly resigned. are you surprised or even mystified that all four of those employees are still employed at the state department. should there be more action such dismissing them? >> this is one of the problems endemick to the federal government. and i think we may see some of
10:35 am
that in action here, i think it's another area of inquiry. >> kelly: and i hope we can protect her consulates and embassies around the world. thank you for joining us and sharing your insights. ambassador john bolton. >> thank you. >> heather: the shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary in connecticut has sparked a number of discussions over the best way to keep our schools safe and prevent against similar tragics in the future. the challenge that's now inspiring a growing number of u.s. teachers to take matters into their own hands. clauda cowan is live with us with the story, hi clauda. >> reporter: hi, heather. days before teachers and students return to classes after the winter break, one newly elected state lawmaker has a controversial idea, to let teachers bring guns into the classroom. state elect, elizabeth law
10:36 am
would allow pilots to bring dpns into the cockpit. the plan would be optional and wouldn't cost anything since teachers would be using their own guns. listen. >> the number one concern for me is public safety in our schools. i don't want our children to be sitting ducks, i don't want our teachers to be sitting ducks and i want to hear any and all ideas. my idea is just one. >> reporter: in nearby utah, it's already legal to carry guns in the classroom, a record number of teachers attended a training seminar last week. teachers are first told to initiate a lockdown, if that fails they want to know how to handle the situation if a gun is needed. while there's no official data on whether gun sales are up in the wake of the sandy hook tragedy, the fbi reports in the process, more criminal background checks this year compared to last and they need more money to conduct the criminal background checks that are required there and
10:37 am
they're planning to ask lawmakers for half a million dollars to speed up the process, which used to take a matter of minutes and now takes roughly a week because of the backlog. by the way, heather, that process a free and has one colorado lawmaker who faces tougher gun restrictions suggesting that those who want a gun pay for the background check themselves. and so certainly cost is an issue in this debate. >> thank you very much, claudia, appreciate it. >> well, preparations are underway for the biggest new year's eve party on the planet. you're looking like at times square making sure that confetti will rain down on revellers and this year, well, a special tribute to dick clark. anna kooiman is in new york city with more details about dick clark and the celebration. >> we're out here on the plaza and hoping for better weather on monday night, kelly, everybody at home is going to be watching on monday night. and the preps are underway for the biggest new years eve
10:38 am
party in the world here in the big apple. earlier today, officials with the times square alliance tested out the confetti, throwing it out of the window on unsuspecting people on the street. more than a million revellers watching the ball drop and the 2013 sign is situated on top of one times square, it's several feet tall. after decades of dick clark ringing in the new year, until be the first after his death. and we spoke with his wife, carrie clark. >> dick always thought of this as show biz and he did his job, the countdown and always was excited about it, always enthusiastic, like i said before, he didn't ever think, oh, no, it's just another new year's eve. every new year's eve was special. >> in fact and fox news
10:39 am
channel is hosting an all american new year's eve monday night from 11 to 12:30. and megyn kelly and bill hemmer will be hosting, and the cast from the million dollar quartet and i'll be working alongside fox news personalities in times square. depending who you ask, 13 is unlucky to some and lucky to others and some are ingiven. they have attached lucky charms ton to the 13 dropping there, along with the ball on midnight on monday. >> kelly: anna, i know you'll have a good time out there. >> heather: i want to know, is that how they drop the confetti out the window. >> kelly: coming up we'll show you exactly how. >> heather: all right, i'll stay tuned for that. >> kelly: all right. >> heather: also coming up, a new fight over arizona's immigration law, the mexican government is going to-- they're going to court
10:40 am
actually to find a provision in the law. can the mexican government really have a say with how the u.s. deals with illegal immigration? we'll speak with the arizona attorney general tom horn. >> kelly: new controversial papers belonging to former british prime minister margaret thatcher, revealing another side of ronald reagan and his relationship with queen elizabeth ii. details are next. plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash? no! ♪ festive. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? at the doctor's office when they weigh you, and they have to move it over?
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>> a recently released document showing a rare glimpse into a two day visit to the united kingdom made by former president ronald reagan, back in 1982, including a case of, well, bruised feelings after president reagan apparently failed to reply in a timely manner to a personal invitation sent directly to him from queen elizabeth ii. the royal insiders say invitations like this usually gets a response within a matter of hours or days at the very most, but seems the president let it languish for weeks. the papers show a glimpse into the british government's response. they revealed that lawmakers, including former prime minister margaret thatcher, they were extremely anxious about the visit and especially interested in pleasing the new president. president. >> we'll take time out to follow a growing controversy between the mexico government and the state of arizona.
10:45 am
lawyers representing our neighbor to the south, asking a circuit court of appeals this week, to keep arizona from enforcing the minor section of the immigration law, essentially preventing state police from arresting illegal immigrants, but can mexico or any foreign government for that matter have a say in the legal affairs of the united states. joining me now to discuss this, the arizona attorney general republican tom horn, attorney general, good to he sue today. hope you're doing well. >> good to be with you. >> let's look into the aspects of this. mexico is very concerned about this minor infringement on what they feel is an infringement on their immigration rights. what says the arizona government? >> well, part of senate bill 1070 which originally was not enjoined provides if you're otherwise involved in criminal activity it's a crime to knowingly transport or harbor
10:46 am
an illegal alien. now, illegal movement people, people not here legally is incremental involved in some of our most dangerous crimes, drug smuggling, human smuggling, sex trafficking, and one police chief gave an affidavit everyone they had for running drugs was here illegally. and it comes within our original police powers under the cues. recently there was a change by the judge who originally would not give an injunction because the 11th circuit declared similar laws unconstitutional in alabama and-- it's gone to the 9th circuit. the mexican government filed a brief saying that we're interfering with the federal monopoly on international relations because mexico disgross with our law. that's a dangerous argument. a lot of countries disagree with our laws, a lot of
10:47 am
countries disagree with capital punishment and a reasonable agreement. if they can invalidate that a foreign country disagrees with it and we're interfering with the the federal monopoly on foreign relations state sovereignty is suffering terrible damage in that argument. >> kelly: in that statement from the 9th circuit court of appeals, the lawyers from mexico argue against the ban, saying it harms diplomatic relations between the united states and claims it marginalizing mexicans and people who appear to be from latin america. and let me read the statement, saying that mexico cannot conduct effective negotiations with the united states when the foreign policy decisions of the federal governments are undermined by the individual policies of individual states. how do you respond to that? >> well, the federal government does legitimately have a monopoly on foreign relations and we haven't interfered with that, we
10:48 am
haven't opened up embassies or consulates we're simply within the wonders in the states of arizona. they're disagreeing-- a foreign country disagrees with our laws on our state for illegal activity that therefore that becomes a matter of international relakeses and a federal court can then invalidate an otherwise invalid state law because a foreign country disagrees with it and if they think we're interfering with foreign relations, that's a very dangerous argument and i think it's important that the courts strike down that kind of argument. >> kelly: couldn't you also go to the argument, well, if you feel that our law is so tough and you have something else this minor aspect of sb-1070 which is what it's known as in arizona, then why do you continue to send your drug dealers over here and why do you continue to do illicit and illegal activities over here. until you stop that, we have
10:49 am
no recourse, but to enact this law? >> well, if people are coming here illegally and engaging in criminal activity like smuggling drugs, human smuggling, possibly terrorism, which the the fbi has said is involved with people coming here illegally, sex trafficking, arizona has a right to exercise its police powers, i don't want to be too critical of the government of mexico, we deal with the state attorneys general and i work with them closely and helped to train them in oral trials they're having in mexico and put substantial resources in mexico. and their success is our success and they shouldn't be trying to say that they can dictate what our laws are on these are laws within the state of arizona and our police powers to control criminal activity. >> i'm sure there will be a lot more discussions about this, as well as. i know you're prepared for that. attorney general of arizona tom horn, happy new year to you by the way. >> thank you for having me and i'm happy to come back anytime
10:50 am
you want me. >>. >> kelly: all right, heather. >> heather: researchers making a discovery that could give new hope to women with breast cancer. coming up, the new findings and how it may save lives. want to know what i did in the last five hours? i played a round of golf. then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album.
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particular group that has the protein, it's very aggressive and the protein cannot produce milk by the way in breast cancer and it won't cause breast cancer to produce milk, it will make breast cancer very ugly and aggressive and the way to deal with it is to get rid of the protein to block it. >> here is the thing, breast
10:56 am
cancer, number one cancer in women affects over 200,000 women per year, killing 40,000. is this something that can give women hope and will this help curb those numbers? >> i think this will save lives, i think this is dramatic. look, the key with cancer is always early detection, what we're about here. mammograms, get checked, get screened, detection, if you have it, what do we do, try to remove it, give you a cure and even if we can't, hormone treatments, if they're not working, here is a protein, if we block it it's going to save lives. breast cancer comes in many different varieties in in variety. one third of them, this will help enormously, an exciting finding. >> heather: thank you so much, dr. mark siegel. >> thank you. >> heather: you can watch him and dr. david somati on sunday
10:57 am
health call. some, the medical hopes and dreams for 2013, and now, find a show on facebook as well. you're all over the place, dr. siegel. that's >> 13 stories, very exciting tomorrow. >> kelly: great, awesome. and thanks for watching us and being a part of us. i'm kelly wright. >> heather: i'm heather childers, we'll see you here 6 to 7. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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